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Tearing Down The Walls

That’s how it all began.
I could feel the word hanging from your lips
Maybe I should have asked if that meant forever.
Or it was it just a word used to describe everything that is you.

I heard it again today.
From a stranger’s lips.
And did I dream your smiling face,
As it touched me like a warm Spring breeze?
Playing snapshots inside my head
Of sand castles and seagulls.

Not even a glance behind as the journey began.
The desire of what lay ahead, too strong to resist.
Unknown and Exciting,
Yet ever watchful.
Are you frowning,

Temptation meandering,
Butterflies rising from within,
Oh such a delightful feeling
That look, knowing that it belonged to you alone.
Such laughter and freedom,
Present responsibility excepted and excused for this night.
Coming together in perfect time. This is a universe only for us.
Love for the loveless
A belonging which makes us weep
Knowing that this moment is ours to cherish