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The Price is Right.

As I wait
For your command.
Harbored secrets
Slink among the shadows
Lest the light
Reveal all.
Slight vibration signals my departure
And arrival
Outside this door.
You appraise and pull me inside
Without fanfare
Or greeting
Or introduction
This is just business.
Before a word
You fingers reach 
This time is my money 
And your clock already started.
Counting the notes
Your mouth 
Holding court 
Sits in judgement
My fullest attention.
As I look down
Unsure and Inhibited
My excuses rain down upon you
This must be 
And unwelcome.
There is only one chance
Not later,
Not tomorrow,
Never again.
Embarrassed mumbling 
Ignored by you
Mean nothing to you
As your phone rings
Fills the room
My head 
My essence
A nightmare maybe
Until I see your eyes
Dismissing me
Urging a different action now
As the door slams shut.
What now?

Midnight Chimes

As the clock turns.

Feelings mix with
All intensified
As what was once
The future
Now arrives
Amid love and laughter
With family and friends.

You take a moment
To be alone
As reflections drift by
Those dreams
Those hopes
Those wants
Those needs.

And those needs
Drive feelings
And that twinkle
In your eye
Is seen by some
And wanted
By All.

Arizona Heat Haiku

Oh so expressive
Full of energy to give
Wanting, expecting.

Wet Caress

Dare to move
Lest this moment ends.

Jets of water cascade
And splash
My face, my shoulders
Rivulets track everywhere 
Streaking across stomach and legs 
Enveloping my back
Yet I cannot breathe.

I feel you behind
Fingers stroking
Hands gently cupping me
As we become one.

Your lips brush against my neck
My legs quiver
Finally I gasp
Escaping moans
Fill the air
As I reach forwards
My fingers touch the
Cold tiles
Makes me jump
As you make feel

Tunnel of Love

i guess the answer is yes…
…and no.
it depends on how much time the person asking has spent
under these streetlights

stood and spoke
i can’t remember words
but i remember the voice
….stripped of everything
everything that might reflect feelings

i remember those nights
walking along the underpass
catcalls from the drunken hordes
echoing inside my head or
…all around me?

hypnotized by their shadows,
graceless fumbling acted out
on filthy boxes
…in front of their own baying collesium

thirsting for flesh
a glimpse sparkled under ruffled clothing
…probably just change thinking back now

under those old murky streetlights
life is changed forever
…maybe that’s why I kept in the shadows

the voice spoke
with sparkles with emotion
it sounded like my own personal siren
slowly pulling me
helpless and futile

i remember her
….girl that walked apart
she smiled as her cigarette
showed her soul through her grey eyes

thinking of her now
i know her cigarette
burns comfortably….
as she reclines unashamed
in bed……
staring with a muted intensity
through the bedroom walls

or something
or me.

night becomes day…
..stale taste in my mouth, my arms so sore
i want to scream…..

it’s likely she misunderstood
thinking my interest
was purely desireous
… wasn’t
but i realized myself
more than usual
with heightened senses…
intense feelings,
throughtout my mind and body

my eyes
i separated myself from
in my mind
a group of people
i found myself at the center of
a masquerade
overtoned with
a forced darkness

the disapproving frown
of lady luck
i turned towards the door
turning up my collar
against what i would never
get a chance to understand

pages have cascaded
off the calendar and
i’m remembering
eyes lips faces
voices laughter muted cries

i’m not sure what i know

and love….
i’ve held
and wanted to never let go
that i’ve intentionally fallen
backwards into the abyss of myself

Playground Dreams

You wished for Cupid’s Arrow
Could almost taste it
Yet your blank stare
Told its own story.

Hadn’t it seemed so easy
One word
He asked for
He begged for
Where was your tongue?
Oh you tried so hard
You cried
You screamed
But his back
Is your vision

“How long ago….”
You think or
Did you blurt out
Strangers flinch
But don’t look up
Your words
Echo softly
Creeping into
Their spaces
They reserve only for
Holding their breath
Not wanting to inhale
You or
The Darkness.

You feel his warmth
All around
His words absorbed
By you 
As they trickle across
Your neck and shoulders
His fingers
Tracing slowly
Across your stomach
Panting now
You guide his hand
Time once seemed so cruel
Now standing still
Voyeurs together
Such sweetness
You once discerned
Came only from the bee.
But now
Thoughts broken
Scrambled images
Intense feelings
Reign over
Again and Again
As sweat, desire
And Love
To satiate
A thirst
Only imagined
At one time.

Now as you depart
You look back
In wonderment.


Weekend Repose

Hunting party arranged
Woman dancing
The ‘Jive’ if you will.
Shots ring out
Dogs retrieve
Me, an enigma of sorts
Abhorred by guns
Yet ably
To break one down
And clean
Without a hitch.
One’s upbringing
Never really leaves
At best it hides
In the closet.

My jacket and trousers
Not suitable or
Redress and Refit
Type of shipbuilding
Leaves no doubt
No flags
Or champagne
Is the main course.

Abject privilege
Built everything
Too me
Castles of sand
I chuckle
Not out loud
For that would
Never do!

This journey,
The answer
Glistens in the mirror
The Crossword
For all to see
Questions to Answers
The end game

Hapless reminiscences
Run wild
Like a 8mm home movie
Frantic movements
Plastic smiles
Was anything
Or just imagined
Back in those
Good old days.

I will have
That last cigar
That last scotch
As I watch
My flock
Their time now
To carry on
Pushing boundaries
Past the