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Sun beats down 

My mind drfits, images of you 

You broke my heart 

Yet nothing has changed 

You are the only one.

Children play

Lovers frolic at the beach 

Waves rhythmically caress the sand 

And my thoughts return

You are the only one.

Strap hanging, stealing furtive glances

Hoping to lose myself 

In those green eyes


Days pass like clockwork 

You are the only one.

Move on

Move out 

Move over 


Endless words given 

Like inappropriate birthday presents

Nothing ever changes

You are the only one

For me.


Let Me

Holding hands

Sun setting

Laughing together 

Has this ever felt better ?

‘Cos all I want to do is dance.

Thoughts and feelings 

Overwhelming me 

Always when I see you

Could this be real?

‘Cos all I want to do is dance.


Your kiss, your touch 

Erotic whispers 

Make this feel real 

‘Cos all I want to do is dance.

Time stops

Bouncing with the beat 

As we become one 

With the crowd 

Never want us to stop

‘Cos all I want to do is dance.

Remember Me

Here I am
Standing around, feeling lost
Eyeing people in this crowd
All packed in and crushed together
Lights popping, music so loud.
Are you in here, like you said
For you are the only key
But here I see nothing that I want
Not even a smile
From someone, anyone
What’s in here for me?

Did you remember
What you whispered to me last night.

I hesitate at the bar, what should I order
Scared to be wrong
Scared to be right
Scared to even think
Noise level heading upwards
Useless without you
Need some air, just to be able to get through this moment.
Did you remember
What you whispered to me last night.
Nerves or steel
But, I’m no Superman
More like a third wheel to you
When your friends are over
Laughing and joking
It’s all about me,
Peeling away my feeling of bliss
Fingers prodding and poking
But they all know
You won’t even let me taste a kiss.
Did you remember
What you whispered to me last night.
Leaving this place
My shoulders rise and slump
Screw that crowd
With their out of time fist pumps.
No one cares about me now
I won’t even glance behind me
In case I see him snicker
Standing next to you
Knowing that you are now lost forever.
You never remembered
What you whispered to  me last night.

Momentary Lapse in Concentration

Thinking aloud is never a good thing
And being alone gets too noisy
You make life complicated
But there I am fretting each time I hear my phone ring.

Walking, wandering, aimless thoughts always on my mind
I want a purpose, a reason to keep walking
Instead of living like I’m always caught off guard
By your messages
Am I just another of your scribbled designs
To be crumpled up and discarded
At your whim
Do you see me laughing now.

Let’s go away, take a holiday, leave all this behind
Explore, conquer
Step onto fresh grass
Screw the daily grind that we share
Computers, smart phones, endless texts
I just want to have a blank canvas
To laugh and sing
Be silly
No boundaries
How do we get that elusive thing
Into our lives now
Rather than me feeling like an outcast.

Let the beat drop and feel the music
If you give in to this
I can promise you bliss forever and a day
Just say it
Or whisper it
I want to hear you say yes.

Foreign Affairs

A journey lies ahead

Of my choosing
A self-discovery
Or selfishness.
Emotions reserved
While inside
Excitement abounds
Carry me
Towards you.
This rebirth
Filled with
Who look knowingly
As my ascent
Whisper my name
Too much
As gentle refusals
My immersion
Complete.This Baptism

My nakedness
Without judgement
This new

Caress of Destiny

Freshness caresses
Gently awakening
As the light
Illuminates this world
Lingering shadows

Whispers urge you
Towards the future
Looking back offers
No refuge
Only an inky darkness.

Whispered promises
Evoke feelings
That tease
And tantalize.

Stirring memories
Of laughter and

A path divided
Lies ahead
Choices to be made
A leap of faith
For destiny

Black and Blue.

Conflicted emotions
The date draws near
Replaced by angst
Foreboding memories
Of times before
Not so long ago
That we are in
Black and White.

Or is worry
For nothing
As Spring rushes
Towards me
Aching to embrace
Feelings from before
When laughter and gaiety
Swirled around us
Yet never quite settled.

Who knows best
Modesty or
For both exist
Deep within me
Yet which
Is it your choice?

As you re-open that door
Long closed
Undisturbed feelings
Shake loose
Like a bear
Renewal and redemption
Or just