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Cake Never Tasted This Good

Fail to convey
My feelings for you
On this day,
Which is always
Your day.

Balloons and Cake
Yes,  lots of cake
Candles too
Make up the day
As family and friends
Laugh with you
Regale you
Cherish you
And always
Love you.

So enjoy your day
Take time for yourself
Recharge and Relax
For tomorrow
Comes too quickly.



Our Tomorrow Will Never End

Ebb and flow
As memories now mix
With future dreams.
Nerves jangle inside
Until I see you
Find your eyes with mine
Then time stands still.

You are
Everything that I want
Happiness rediscovered
Embers stoked
Most delicately
As our new journey
Begins at this moment.

No hesitation
As “yes” reverberates
Throughout the halls
A celebration
Of this union
Which has transformed
Our lives
Our being.

This requited Love
Is without boundaries
Gliding on the dance floor
Touching your face
Tasting your lips
Knowing inside
These feelings
Fostered together
This day
Will last
And ever.


A Fleeting Moment

My shallow breaths
Wishing for more.

The moon peeks through
My nakedness
Trivial now
When it wasn’t so
Shouting and yelling
Our laughter
Our Love
Overcame them all.

That moment I knew
We would be together

A gentle cough
That taste of blood on my lips
Oh I how I love you.

Fingers dig deeper, feeling the ground beneath me
The moon steps aside
Darkness beckons
Slowly but with a purpose
Enveloping my body.

I try to call you
To feel you
Loving me
To hear you

I reach out
As you float
Before me
Even though my fate
Is sealed
I hear that metallic sound
Feel that cold steel on my neck.

July 4th fireworks
Explode all around
I see you smile
As I slip
Into eternity
Finally delivered home from a foreign land
Where war resides
For future generations.

Shaken Not Stirred

Racing, jumbled
Wanting clarity
But falling short.

Your memories surface
As I remember.

You stoke my fire
Bring that twinkle
Back into my eye
Readying me
For this daily barrage.

As I close my eyes
I am lifted
To a place
Where my
And satisfaction
Play with an intimacy
To which
I surrender my soul.

Again and Again.

From the District Line to the Lexington Avenue Express

 As I made my journey to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx last night to watch Real Madrid play AC Milan, I was taken back to my younger days, when I would journey from Basildon to Upton Park. I stepped onto the Lexington Avenue line at Bowling Green took my seat and remembered…….

 Saturday home games always started with me getting my scarves sorted and placing them on my body and clothes accordingly…I think it was either 5 or 6 scarves. Then around 11:00am, my Dad (a lifelong Arsenal fan) would take me to the station. 

I think that my return fare back in 1973 was about 3 pounds and being honest, I’m not sure I paid for my ticket every week, as the ticket checking was rather lax, back in the day! 
My train pulled in around 11:30 and took 30-45 minutes to reach Barking. I got off at Barking; looked for the District Line and waited….funnily enough both lines are Green…..

….The number 4 subway train was full as rolled into Grand Central, an almost equal amount of people got on as got off. All of a sudden there were football jerseys everywhere! Red Bulls, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City and United jerseys. How very different to when I used to get on the tube at Barking, I saw nothing but claret and blue. 

 I only went two stops on that District Line tube, but by the time I got to Upton Park, it was packed, and on those ‘special’ days, there would be raucous singing and a shared feeling of expectation.

Although the subway car was quiet as we pulled into 161st Street in the Bronx, exiting was very different. Forty eight thousand people milling outside the Cathedral of Baseball, but tonight football was king and the atmosphere outside was electric. The game itself was for the AC Milan and Real Madrid fans, for the rest of us it was about going to a “big” game and having a good time.

 The walk from the tube station to the Boleyn Ground always gave me butterflies; I loved the buildup to the game. Waiting for the gates to the North Bank to open and lining up to pay my money – now I cannot remember exactly how much I paid back in 73, but I’m thinking around 2.50, plus .25 for a program. That wait was always an event, as jokes and stories were shared between friends and whoever was in earshot – my vocabulary was definitely expanded during those waits!

 My excitement built as I waited for the gates to open, so I could rush and find my spot on the North Bank! Getting “that” barrier was just so important. Then came the wait.

Going to the bathroom was not an option, nor was trying to get a drink or food. I was planted in my spot and would do my best not be moved, whatever the circumstances, and this was always a challenge.

Getting into Yankee Stadium was smooth, easy and there was no rush. Every seat had a good view of the pitch, and that night I had a seat where someone would be serving me food and drink throughout the game.

Oh yes there was still tonight’s game……

Weekend Repose

Hunting party arranged
Woman dancing
The ‘Jive’ if you will.
Shots ring out
Dogs retrieve
Me, an enigma of sorts
Abhorred by guns
Yet ably
To break one down
And clean
Without a hitch.
One’s upbringing
Never really leaves
At best it hides
In the closet.

My jacket and trousers
Not suitable or
Redress and Refit
Type of shipbuilding
Leaves no doubt
No flags
Or champagne
Is the main course.

Abject privilege
Built everything
Too me
Castles of sand
I chuckle
Not out loud
For that would
Never do!

This journey,
The answer
Glistens in the mirror
The Crossword
For all to see
Questions to Answers
The end game

Hapless reminiscences
Run wild
Like a 8mm home movie
Frantic movements
Plastic smiles
Was anything
Or just imagined
Back in those
Good old days.

I will have
That last cigar
That last scotch
As I watch
My flock
Their time now
To carry on
Pushing boundaries
Past the

7 Pounds

Love and Hope
Clearly stated
In words,

Precious memories
Mingle together
Future dreams.

I succumb
Falling slowly
Without a splash
Gentle fingers
Stroke my hair
As my Baptism of Renewal
Is complete.

Love and Light
Quelling fears
Subtle prods
My baby steps
As each day
Moves me forward.