Dinner Time Redux

My eyes closed
Listening to your sweet voice
Dulcet tones
Wax lyrically
As you tell me
About me.
You lean in close
Those wet fingers
On my lips
In my mouth
Tasting you
As your tongue
And you wait
For an answer
That can never come.
I open my eyes
Trying to communicate
With you.
But that dark demeanor
Your voice now
Loud and filled with malice
As my eyes shut
You refuse relief
Force my lids open
To see your sneer
And to let me know
I am at your mercy
Or not.
That chain you placed
About me
Is now yanked
Shrill screams
Wounds bleed
As you continue
To make to me pay
My price.
You step away
Tell me it’s time to eat
Never stopping
To ask
Or consider my appetite.
I see your chair
And you lean in close
And whisper
That “Dinner is served…”.

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