Tunnel of Love

i guess the answer is yes…
…and no.
it depends on how much time the person asking has spent
under these streetlights

stood and spoke
i can’t remember words
but i remember the voice
….stripped of everything
everything that might reflect feelings

i remember those nights
walking along the underpass
catcalls from the drunken hordes
echoing inside my head or
…all around me?

hypnotized by their shadows,
graceless fumbling acted out
on filthy boxes
…in front of their own baying collesium

thirsting for flesh
a glimpse sparkled under ruffled clothing
…probably just change thinking back now

under those old murky streetlights
life is changed forever
…maybe that’s why I kept in the shadows

the voice spoke
with sparkles with emotion
it sounded like my own personal siren
slowly pulling me
helpless and futile

i remember her
….girl that walked apart
she smiled as her cigarette
showed her soul through her grey eyes

thinking of her now
i know her cigarette
burns comfortably….
as she reclines unashamed
in bed……
staring with a muted intensity
through the bedroom walls

or something
or me.

night becomes day…
..stale taste in my mouth, my arms so sore
i want to scream…..

it’s likely she misunderstood
thinking my interest
was purely desireous
…..it wasn’t
but i realized myself
more than usual
with heightened senses…
intense feelings,
throughtout my mind and body

my eyes
i separated myself from
in my mind
a group of people
i found myself at the center of
a masquerade
overtoned with
a forced darkness

the disapproving frown
of lady luck
i turned towards the door
turning up my collar
against what i would never
get a chance to understand

pages have cascaded
off the calendar and
i’m remembering
eyes lips faces
voices laughter muted cries

i’m not sure what i know

and love….
i’ve held
and wanted to never let go
that i’ve intentionally fallen
backwards into the abyss of myself


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