Playground Dreams

You wished for Cupid’s Arrow
Could almost taste it
Yet your blank stare
Told its own story.

Hadn’t it seemed so easy
One word
He asked for
He begged for
Where was your tongue?
Oh you tried so hard
You cried
You screamed
But his back
Is your vision

“How long ago….”
You think or
Did you blurt out
Strangers flinch
But don’t look up
Your words
Echo softly
Creeping into
Their spaces
They reserve only for
Holding their breath
Not wanting to inhale
You or
The Darkness.

You feel his warmth
All around
His words absorbed
By you 
As they trickle across
Your neck and shoulders
His fingers
Tracing slowly
Across your stomach
Panting now
You guide his hand
Time once seemed so cruel
Now standing still
Voyeurs together
Such sweetness
You once discerned
Came only from the bee.
But now
Thoughts broken
Scrambled images
Intense feelings
Reign over
Again and Again
As sweat, desire
And Love
To satiate
A thirst
Only imagined
At one time.

Now as you depart
You look back
In wonderment.


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