It was her discipline
So admired
Yet courted
As she stood
Bathed in sunlight.
Her jewelry
Glittering across the entire room.

She turns
So slowly
Her skin almost translucent
I am mesmerized
My feet moving
Towards her
That perfume, so inviting
As I reach her.

Lightly kissing, caressing
Her neck,
Her shoulders
Tasting such sweetness
I am filled with her aroma
As my hands
Slip under her black lace bra
I hear her exhale
Cupping her breasts
Feeling those stiff nipples
I am overcome
With Her.

Her discipline wavers
Just slightly
Leaning back
She moans pleasurably
Pushing herself into my hardness.
My excitement overflows
Wanting to explore
Every inch.

Her poise regained
I lightly brush my lips
Across her back
Moving downwards
In concert with my hands
Which stroke hard
Across her stomach
Another gasp
As her legs open
Feeling my tongue
Lick and linger
On her buttocks and thighs
My fingers searching
Now finding that wetness
And stroking her own hardness.

Moans escape from within her
Filling up the room
More urgent
As her orgasm
Comes and comes
Wetting my fingers
As she whispers
‘Discipline be damned’.


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