His hand lingered
An extra moment…
Then moved slowly,
Between my legs.
I blinked trying to think
Yet his fingers
Made me gasp
My legs opening
Without hesitation
Or command.
For an instant
I allowed myself
To feel the pleasure
Knowing my wetness
Was urging his fingers
To move faster
To push deeper.
I could feel it coming
Building inside me
Uneven breath gasping
Wanting it
Needing it
Hard to breathe now
I was lost
Body convulsing
Yet I really couldn’t breathe.
Opening my eyes
His vision above me
Staring down
Without feeling or remorse
Those red eyes piercing my soul.
As darkness descends
His leans closer
A whisper, perhaps?
No, just his teeth sinking into my neck.
My orgasm delivered
As I slip into
His abyss.


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