Twisted Alibi.

Not a sound
As darkness descends
Yet strident in its mission.
We must look comical
Us scattering minions
Seeking shelter
Seeking comfort
Seeking more time
As the horizon explodes.
Grotesque figurines
Outlined in red
Dance before us
Compelling movements
Almost seductive
In their
Covert invitation
For it is your eyes
They desire.
I see every pleading stare
Hear every silent whisper
As my skin
Like fly paper
Cast-off willingly
By everyone.
I can’t do well
When I think you’re gonna leave me.
But I know I will try.
Are you gonna leave me now?
Can’t you be the leader now?
Lyrics once entwined and shared
As the pounding beat
Dictates energy
The Movement
Pulsating crowds 
Paying homage 
To the past.
Sweet memories
This mantra
Passed on
To become my clarion call. 
My time is now
I can’t take my eyes off you.
All I want
Your kiss
Your touch
Your embrace
Your love
Simply You.
Our moments
Course through me
As I am lifted
And beckoned
My destiny
My purpose

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