Weekend Repose

Hunting party arranged
Woman dancing
The ‘Jive’ if you will.
Shots ring out
Dogs retrieve
Me, an enigma of sorts
Abhorred by guns
Yet ably
To break one down
And clean
Without a hitch.
One’s upbringing
Never really leaves
At best it hides
In the closet.

My jacket and trousers
Not suitable or
Redress and Refit
Type of shipbuilding
Leaves no doubt
No flags
Or champagne
Is the main course.

Abject privilege
Built everything
Too me
Castles of sand
I chuckle
Not out loud
For that would
Never do!

This journey,
The answer
Glistens in the mirror
The Crossword
For all to see
Questions to Answers
The end game

Hapless reminiscences
Run wild
Like a 8mm home movie
Frantic movements
Plastic smiles
Was anything
Or just imagined
Back in those
Good old days.

I will have
That last cigar
That last scotch
As I watch
My flock
Their time now
To carry on
Pushing boundaries
Past the


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4 responses to “Weekend Repose

  • Jesse

    Neil. If I may redeem myself a bit this is a very good piece! If I may not redeem myself, then broadcast my comment as an abject insult and get more people to read it (I don’t know how to make smiley faces, but I am kidding).

    This is as I see it a transference of urban life and “the hunt”. It is visual, visceral, and discontent with with social living. If I am wrong, forgive me. I simply think that this piece plays on parallel plains between youthful living in an urban setting and the actual hunt. You live on a higher plain.

    Well said.

    You should do more to promote your writing. I came back because I want you to do well with your writing. You are talented.


  • Portia Burton

    Nice word picture…’The answer glistens in the mirror’….oh, what a image! liked the to and fro moment of the poem.

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