Lustful repose
Coupled thrusts
Conjoined breathing
Secrets revealed
As eyes

This canvas

Broad strokes
Haphazard movements
A voyeur
Reaching to touch
Sweat now
And mixes
With tears.

Bodies wrap together
Screaming patterns and colors
Come alive
As beating hearts
Fingers become brushes
Urgently, gently, purposefully.
As a unique
Trails across the room
Soothing fears
As surging emotions
Seek to enhance
The shared


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16 responses to “POV

  • Lisa Brandel

    Have and will share this…stunning work, Neil, very much so. As an artist I could paint this picture, but then I’d have to do penance…

  • Jesse

    Neil,there is a style to your work. I have read your collection on a site that features poets, as I was in search of new poetry. The site hosts many fine poets and I enjoy the reading. I must say though, and I mean no offense, the bulk of your work although I have no doubt has an audience is little more than pornography.

    • Neil

      Jesse thank you for your comments and I take no offence. However I would like to know what you find pornographic about POV?
      I am happy to send you my email, if you’re uncomfortable discussing in this forum.

      • Jesse

        Neil, I apologize. Art and poetry come from the soul of the artist and the viewers subject opinion cannot reach where the artist came from. I have read many of your pieces and I do think you have a voice and talent for verse. The mainstream erotica is not my taste. I hope you continue to search deeper as I believe you have much to offer.

    • Jessica Brant

      Pornographic???? Really???? How so??? There is a fine line between
      pornography, erotic, sensual, and romantic….. I clearly think Neil does a stealer job at dividing the line and stays on the side of sensual/erotic/romantic. His delivery is tasteful and not offensive.


      • Lisa Brandel

        What you see in a poem is a reflection of you, not the artist, in my opinion…I take away a sensual feel, but not porn by any measure. LOL Because my personal mind doesn’t conjure hardcore penetrative images…more like a sweet dance between loving people. You are correct though, Neil has more to offer as an artist, all artists do..as they grow. Cheer Neil you are rocking and let no one tell you otherwise!

  • Janaki Nagaraj

    Absolutely hot!

  • Ron

    Neil – Yikes! Controversy 😉 I read the thread and I think Jesse stepped out a bit and at best left a backwards compliment in the end. He is right though that art is from the artist and no one else can know where it came from. I think he could have chosen words more carefully.

    I admit myself that some of your more poignant verse makes me blush…but then I guess that means it works 😉

    You are very talented.


    • Neil

      Ron – thanks for commenting! First time in 3 years that a poem has elicited this much comment – and in my estimation, POV hardly warrants the controversy!

      I understand that my poems may not be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, but my aim is to elicit a reaction or emotion!

      Again, Ron I appreciate your kind words.

  • Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Neil! ~

    I must admit you have Jesse to thank for my being here today! Controversy is great publicity, right? Even though I don’t remotely agree with Jesse’s POV on POV, he certainly has a right to express his opinion. ‘Nuff said.

    Your poem is very sensual & romantic. You have captured the essence of lovemaking in a profound way in this piece. I truly love it. I will be back to read it again…and, perhaps, again…

    • Neil

      Linda 🙂 I agree with you completely about Jesse and I hope that he or she will stop back here again!
      Linda glad you enjoyed it and I hope you will find something new every time you read it! 🙂

  • Jesse

    Neil! I have apologized for my inappropriate and/or ill timed commentary on your work. I admit that erotica is not my taste, but I have read and enjoyed other pieces that you have written. “7 Pounds”, and “Horu” are examples. I seem to have stirred a very supportive following on this post, and agree with my taste or not,you have a broader following now!

    I had hoped that my original comment would stir loyalty. The site I have seen your work on is a wonderful place to discover new works and new talent, of which I include you. My work is done.

    All I ask is that you grow your talent with passion and deeper messages.

    You are talented.

    I apologize for being a trouble maker. I was simply trying to draw more attention to your work.

    Please forgive my ulterior motives.

    • Neil

      Jesse please do NOT apologize – I firmly believe that all voices should be heard and I’m glad you did read other pieces. I hope that you will continue to read the fine Poet’s at Blognostics, and I will do my best to rise to your challenge!
      Please don’t be a stranger!

      • Dangerous Linda

        I must admit I liked Jesse better when I thought he/she didn’t like your poetry! Now, that he/she claims to only have said that for a publicity stunt I have lost respect for him/her. It’s one thing to disagree. It’s another to lie.

      • Neil

        Linda, I hope that Jesse had his or her opinion changed after reading other posts – 2 are referenced on the email. I welcome criticism and different opinions, only through the exchange of ideas, can we grow and learn!

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