Where did the numbness go?
Stuck like glue
For an eternity
A life partner
Not of any choosing
Now disappeared

Sunlight beckons
Shaded eyes
Once removed
A Springtime reprise
As life begins to grow again.

Exploring and
This body has given
And now
This soul is receiving.

Those whispers of
“The Ice Queen Cometh”
Have retreated
Behind their
Walls of Shame
As only petals
Trail in this wake
Not misery
Or tears.

Never stopping
Feeding off
Each step forward
Seeking new opportunities.

Is the clarion call
As that smile
And does satiate
All who seek court.

Tested beyond
That invisible boundary
Starlight is there
To illuminate
For all to see
There is no glory
Sought here
Precious seeds
With Love and Light.

Rebirth is complete
As darkness withers
This glow
Of Happiness.


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