Always Something There To Remind Me

My heart was stolen today
As I sat alone
At that Parisienne Cafe

A city alive
With love and laughter
She brushed beside me
My eyes filled with
Her flaming red hair.

My breath taken
Heart racing
A vision never seen before
As she turned
And smiled

Exhaling too loudly
Cynical stares
Disappointed eyes
Went beyond me
For I was conquered
Her aura
Invading every pore
A mastered soul
Lay bare before

Her smile
An invitation of sorts
Only happens in their world
But it was for me this time
For me
She beckons
As she strolls away.

Fumbling for change
Grabbing my bag
I jump up to follow
My destiny
My Karma
My Love
My One Wish.

Sudden realization
As my mind cannot control
This body
Left with
My faithful wheelchair
She was only for a single moment
Memories erased
For I am
A casualty of war.


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