Head Over Heels

Darkness surrounds
Rain and wind
Combine to obscure
You from Me.

My gaze descends
Seeking you
A wonderful sight to behold.

I love you from afar
Never disturbing
Ever dreaming
Of how it would be
Revisiting moments
Over and over
As infatuation
Becomes Love
Becomes timeless.

My desire and passion
For beautiful images
Made for me in Heaven
Cannot cross this bridge
Between us.
You and I
Have our destiny
Already written
And who can interfere
With plans devoted
To our happiness.

Passionate feelings
Roam freely here
Conjured, juggled
And framed
Every wall covered
A gallery of sorts
Cry out
As my tongue
Caresses your skin
Erotic fantasies abound
Exploring, tasting
Your sweat racing the raindrops
Every fibre pulsating
Sexual tension palpable
Ecstasy erupting
Lust roars
As we harmoniously meld together
Iridescent colors
Wash over us
Dreamy visions
Dance across the ceiling canvas.
A moment savored

Thunder cracks
The moment scatters
Lightening illuminates the world
Before me
Reality tugging gently


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