Cold Fusion

Seeking our penance
Troubled images swirl
O’er us
A constant reminder that
We are not alone.

Clipped emotions
Rise and fall
Like a Cutter
Passing virgin shores
As discovery beckoned.

Grappling now,
Clouds full
Free flowing
There is no escape.

Open lives run incessantly
Voyeurs clamor for position
So satiated
Yet expectations never dulled
As we bare our souls.

Forgotten subtleness
Forgotten shyness
Now evoked
Easily replaced with
Boldness and Desire.

Furtive glance
Oh how sweet the taste
Exhilaration abounds
Between young lovers
Embarking on a journey
Of discovery
Graceless fumbling
Chaotic emotions
Like a charging river
Unchecked and unabashed.

Replaced now.
Video tutorials
Each step
Led by a Choregrapher
Who delivers a perfect ending.

But for who?


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