Near or Far
You are always there.
Tingling sensation
As though your closeness
Transcends the space between us all.

Souls on fire here,
Flames of passion and desire
Burn brightly.
Showing faces
Filled with ecstasy
Satiated as you move around,
Oh so gently
Dispensing cherished moments.
Some left dangling
As searching lips
Eager to find
Eager to have
Both passion and comfort.

Always seeking
Stolen moments
In this world
Being etched like a masterpiece,
Or a whispered soliloquy.
Feelings declared within
Yet knowing smiles and glances
Announce deepest secrets
Unabashed though.

True feelings are what
Set us free
And yet bond us,
In this place of common threads.
Guided gently,
Each journey,
Playing out
Our confessions,
Our wants,
Our never ending

A suductive reality
Lingers all around
Intoxicating us
As it fills each
With swells of
Love and Pride
Not easily challenged or beaten
As we are one.



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