An Event Without Grace

The party reaching its crescendo
People becoming louder
Their exterior masks crumbling
Revealing true colors.
The beast awakened and unleashed
Upon the world.

Free to roam
To search out
And corrupt.

Shattered glasses exploding against the wall
The refracting light like fireworks in July
Dazzling, mesmerizing the crowd
Mouths agape, salivating.

The smell of decadence
Clinging, overpowering like cheap cologne.
There is no escape
From the maddening crowd
Eager as they are for the main event to begin.
Their own metamorphosis complete
Transformed from the norm into
Braying hyenas.

Oh they can taste it all around
The climax as the offspring of
Hermes and Aphrodite bare themselves to all.
A sacrifice prepared
Feasted upon
Without a hint of remorse,

Satisfaction for the soulless mass,
Or are they waiting for dessert?


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