Soliloquy For All

Slowly feel
Rising from within
Heightened senses
Beyond everything that has been known
Or felt before.

Conscious thought seems haphazard
Both new and old
Slowly turn to dust
Freedom for all
Decision’s not made from free-will.

Yet, uncertainty lurks
In shadows
Never showing completely
Just another Voyeur 
With deigns and desires.

Whispered promises intoxicate
Aching and Longing
Shuddering climaxes
Just a gentle push of the door.

Places to play
Places to dream
Places common to all
Yet, only a few ever visit
These hallowed halls.

Should curiosity be denied
Steal a  peek or
Maybe a glimpse
Can Pandora be a welcomed friend
Come to visit
Take tea
And then say goodbye forever.

Pass through
Without ceremony
Watching from above
As dreams and wants and desires
Play out on the greatest stage of all


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