One Moment Reprise

Suddenly it happens.
Eyes close, swept away on a journey.
To a place where time is not measured
By the hands on a clock.

Instant images swirl around this private world.
Surrounded by laughter and happiness.
Here there are only smiling faces.
Everyone is here.
Forgotten vignettes push forward, surging like a tidal wave.
Immersed into a world without fear.
This is a special place. Safe.
Replaying life, everything controlled.
Nothing left to chance this time around.

Powerful memories stroke the body like a familiar lover.
Tingling with anticipation, yearning for more. 
A cry of pleasure.
Salty lips, sweat trickling down an arched back.
Intimacy and Ecstasy tango across the soul
Locked together in a timeless dance.
We are fulfilled as we dare to dream.

Suddenly awake.
Staring around this room, reality never left.
This is life.
Yet, for a moment, it seemed like forever


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