Is it your eyes that see
Or images swirl in your mind
Piecing them together
As you want
As you need.

Soulful silence
Introspective moments
Shared yet belonging
To you

Aching inside
Wanting to give
Though always cautious
Hiding the key
That unlock emotions.
Willing to give
Giving in to want.

Surviving in that Wonderland
Full of memories and dreams
Purpose there
Arms outstretched
Letting the love rain o’er you.

Intimacy offered
A loom weaves a pattern
Crossing lives
Creating beauty
A delicate embrace begins.

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One response to “embrace

  • Ladypn

    You sound quite conflicted here – to give or not, to receive or not – to unlock with that key, or just be satisfied with the memories… I suppose that’s the quandary we all face!

    I do believe people see more with their mind’s eye than with their vision. A testimony to how much one’s mind can affect perception.

    Again, you make me think!! 🙂

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