the singularity of life

Breathe deeply
Exhale slowly
Senses heightened
As the body adjusts. 

Slow them all down.
Thoughts, memories and movement.
Try harder!
Holding that breath
As if the feeling of lightness
Will affect my being

Is that what it means to be human?
Everything that matters
Moves on.
Journeys continue with or without us.
Sobering realization
At this very moment. 

Is it selfish to want?
Doesn’t everyone offer their soul
Never truly understanding
That crossing fingers
Doesn’t count. 

Why do we love to judge
Even what cannot be seen
Only felt deep within one’s heart or soul.
Sharing is easy
They both require time and effort. 

Even a smile cannot replace
What was lost in translation
Between friends.
Between lovers.
Between us all
And redemption.

Only impatience
Seems to notice.
Always an accepted hindrance
As it pokes and prods
Fervently unsettling
The quiet order.
A recent visitor
Gladly accepted
Loved and

Like that gentle finger
Tracing the canvas of life
Across the smooth
And virgin palm.
Lines dictate consequences
Everything that
Led to this one moment.

The singularity of life.


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One response to “the singularity of life

  • Ladypn

    We judge – even what cannot be seen – because it is innate. Whatever we take in, we make some judgement about. It is human nature.

    The cycle of life itself, continues on, with or without our active participation in it.

    The lines themselves, do not dictate consequences, but rather the crossing of said lines….

    Another very thought provoking missive!

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