When Does A Moment End?

Drifting so slowly
Pushing myself further
Examining single frames of life.
iridescent flashes
As I close my eyes and let go.
Always cushioned by my heart
That moment of release and renewal
Emotions wanting to be set free
But held inside
For a final confession.

All asking to be revisited
Each digested
Deliberately and with meaning.
Caressing my core
Where the fire burns,
Where the desire swells,
Where I am
And we are

Tracing our outlines.
Passion ablaze
Our eyes locked together
Souls laid bare
Oh how beautiful you are to me.
Pulsating rhythm
That moment delivered


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4 responses to “When Does A Moment End?

  • Ladypn

    A moment never really ends, it just repeats itself throughout life….renewal…

  • Ladypn

    But doesn’t holding back of emotions, limit the experience of life?

    • Neil

      I absolutely agree with you! However people handle emotion very differently and that can be the hardest part of any relationship; whether that’s a partner, a friend or a co-worker.
      Then when you factor in how many people you potentially interact with in one night over the internet, understanding emotion becomes complicated and somewhat challenging – that’s only my opinion of course! Thank you for taking time to respond – I am so very appreciative because it makes me look at my words – Neil

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  • Keith

    In Adelaide, Australia a moment never ends it seems to go on forever and ever.
    I must be careful expressing a thought like that out loud bcause it could be held against me by Australian Nationalists.
    Best Regards, Keith Elliott

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