Lay With Me

Gasping together
As we lay side-by-side
Not able to keep still
Pulling each other closer
Feeling your hot breath
On my face
As you find my mouth
So open for you.
My hunger evident.
Our lips taste each other
Gentle moans drift upwards.
Your lips beckon me
As our tongues
Feel the wetness
Slide inside so gently.
That kiss
As I taste you for the first time
Tongues move together
Slowly at first
But passion dictates
And the urgency
Becomes us.

Holding tightly
Feeling your body beneath.
Subtle movement
Looking into to eyes
Loving you
Your hips catch my hardness
Drawing me down to you
A gentle push
You gasp inside our kiss
As I move between your legs.
Bodies shaking
With anticipation
Moans become cries
Patience long gone
Replaced by
Fulfillment and want.


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