Play Ball!

You own this moment.
Tirelessly working for this.
Above all else
Re-shaped priorities,
Life changing decisions
Focused on today. Forever.
You have watched and learned
Waited for this feeling
Always elusive.

Today is different.
You gaze outside
Daydreams dancing before you
Sun smiling just for you
Freshly cut grass swaying rhythmically

Quiet now
Head bowed
Letting the day wash over you.
Why is the first time always special?
A moment never forgotten
Images indelibly fashioned
To be recalled and regaled
At a later time.

A subtle change
Other voices.
Butterflies all around
Aching anticipation
Like your first kiss!
Almost time
Look up and see their faces
Wide smiles
The bond that brother’s share

Choking back a tear today
Not your last
But this one is yours.

Buttoning up that shirt
A rite of passage has begun
Spring is here
For today
Baseball has finally for the Saints!

And you can finally breathe again.


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