Confusement Abounds!

Conjured images abound.
Paying a false homage,
Touch the forelock,
Never catching those eyes.
Fear smelling like rotting meat.
Worker’s having whispered conversations,
Guttural exchanges
Muted emotions.
And happy children dancing and skipping,
As the workhouse door opens invitingly.
Abject morality, from the Victorian age.

Sunshine filling my space
My happiness mixed with relief
As it was only a dream.
Off then.
Head down
Onto the Subway
Air conditioning broken again.
Stifling odors.
Does anyone read?
Fingers gliding across keys,
A steady stream of messages,
Sending and receiving
Who invented this language?
The pack exits and shuffles towards
Another day in paradise.

Distant recollections and feint emergences of era’s gone before.
Excited synapses surge
Towards meaningful memories.
Dusting off thoughts and arguments
That once flowed
Like a meandering river through
Visits to aunts and uncles,
Thanksgiving dinner
But now suddenly thwarted.
A smiling Smart-Phone regains control.
All is right with this World.

If only we could remember the Victorian age.


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