My shallow breaths
Linger, longingly.
The moon watching as the waves
Wash o’er my nakedness
That familiar saltiness on my lips
Oh I how I love you.

Fingers dig deeper, feeling the wetness beneath me
Sand enveloping my body
Holding me, caressing me
Loving me.
Am I cleansed?

Rhythmic breakers
Cajoling me, back and forth
Whispers abound “Dig Deeper”.
Eyes focusing on the moonlit pixie’s as they dance
Drawing me in
Longing for this exact moment

Can this feeling last forever?
Future thoughts banished
Like uninvited guests at your sweet sixteen.

My nirvana broken by the barking dog
As the waves lap around her paws.
I watch as she runs in and out, testing the sea
Calling the Old Man, deep down in “Davey’s Locker”,
But he will not be drawn here tonight.

I find you as I leave
Alone in the sand.


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