Writing ‘I Love You’ In The Clouds

Shimmering across the sun drenched sky
Reaching out
Finding each other
In unfamiliar poses.

Gentle whispers
A bed stripped bare
Innocence like a fresh Spring breeze
Floats through an open window
You caress my soul
Your fingers tracing the moans along my lips
Mesmerizing me.

I succumb to this moment of love.
A love built on an invisible longing,
Imaginative glances during a busy day,
Teeth gently caressing the tip of a pencil.

Giggles that echo throughout those  ‘Great Halls’,
Heads turning, searching for you.

But we will not share this feeling.
Keys exchanged.
Erudite memories,
Dance for us
Like  silhouettes encircled by flames of passion.

And therein lies the rub.


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