Ever sit in a meeting and have the conference door open and someone you have never seen ask for you by name?
Sitting quietly is not going to work, because heads will turn towards you and even if you don’t identify yourself,  co-workers will point within 15 seconds. “Him”.

Did I look like Steve Segal in that movie, when he was a “cook”?

Still, the stranger approached me, dressed ever so smartly in Wall Street “garb”, glasses included of course.

I was still trying to get over the fact that my face was “burning-brightly”  – I’ve seen eggs cooked on hot stomachs, but at that moment my face would have been a perfect hot-plate.

Even if I had wanted to say or do something, I was unable to. I didn’t see the trailing accompliss until she made a motion with her head and music started playing.

WTF! I think I might have thought only the “What” word before she  straddled me, hiked up her skirt well past where the average woman’s business suit should go during a normal word day, and began my lap-dance.

I don’t remember any sound except the music. Oh yeah a classic, Donna Summer, “Love To Love You Baby”. Perfect for a lap-dance in the conference room on a Tuesday afternoon!

Some snickers, some gasps, some glares, some winks and me a captive audience, with very little wiggle room (literally) to do anything but try to think of an Eskimo building an igloo!

Exactly 3 minutes and 24 seconds later “SILENCE” – music ends, the straddlee is now straddleless and in a flash she is gone!

For a split-second I wondered if I had a “Billy Liar” moment, but alas no, it did happen, as many of my male colleagues descended upon me in a frenzy, all I could think was

“Thanks Mom”!


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