Is that your name?

You seem so familiar, yet there is a moment of doubt.
Are we part of this shrinking world governed by an invisible watchdog?
Or just technologically blinded by the opportunity to satisfy our raw hunger.

Oh how sweet to be a vampirical courtesan.
You come to me packaged in so many different ways,
Yet you stoke that fire to suit your selfish wants.
A mere whimsical thought sees you lust after immediate action
Throwing hearts around without consequence.
Like a giant picture puzzle of a clear blue sky tossed into the wind,
And left for other’s to pickup the pieces.

Oh my desire!
Forget me not as you play with our lives
Before pointing your finger.
Jostling for your favor, scrambling and clawing to be touched
Hoping only for a chance to feel you, to devour you and to
Submit to your desire.


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