The Price is Right.

As I wait
For your command.
Harbored secrets
Slink among the shadows
Lest the light
Reveal all.
Slight vibration signals my departure
And arrival
Outside this door.
You appraise and pull me inside
Without fanfare
Or greeting
Or introduction
This is just business.
Before a word
You fingers reach 
This time is my money 
And your clock already started.
Counting the notes
Your mouth 
Holding court 
Sits in judgement
My fullest attention.
As I look down
Unsure and Inhibited
My excuses rain down upon you
This must be 
And unwelcome.
There is only one chance
Not later,
Not tomorrow,
Never again.
Embarrassed mumbling 
Ignored by you
Mean nothing to you
As your phone rings
Fills the room
My head 
My essence
A nightmare maybe
Until I see your eyes
Dismissing me
Urging a different action now
As the door slams shut.
What now?

Far From The Madding Crowd


Acutely aware of everything
Retreating inside
Feels reassuring
Heightens every sense
Even as inactivity
Stomps around your room.

A not so gentle reminder
That you are summoned
To be judged accordingly
Even though
You just want to

A single breath
Would release these bindings
Let you open that window
To find
Who owns that desperate cry
That will not leave you


Cake Never Tasted This Good

Fail to convey
My feelings for you
On this day,
Which is always
Your day.

Balloons and Cake
Yes,  lots of cake
Candles too
Make up the day
As family and friends
Laugh with you
Regale you
Cherish you
And always
Love you.

So enjoy your day
Take time for yourself
Recharge and Relax
For tomorrow
Comes too quickly.


Remember Me

Here I am
Standing around, feeling lost
Eyeing people in this crowd
All packed in and crushed together
Lights popping, music so loud.
Are you in here, like you said
For you are the only key
But here I see nothing that I want
Not even a smile
From someone, anyone
What’s in here for me?

Did you remember
What you whispered to me last night.

I hesitate at the bar, what should I order
Scared to be wrong
Scared to be right
Scared to even think
Noise level heading upwards
Useless without you
Need some air, just to be able to get through this moment.
Did you remember
What you whispered to me last night.
Nerves or steel
But, I’m no Superman
More like a third wheel to you
When your friends are over
Laughing and joking
It’s all about me,
Peeling away my feeling of bliss
Fingers prodding and poking
But they all know
You won’t even let me taste a kiss.
Did you remember
What you whispered to me last night.
Leaving this place
My shoulders rise and slump
Screw that crowd
With their out of time fist pumps.
No one cares about me now
I won’t even glance behind me
In case I see him snicker
Standing next to you
Knowing that you are now lost forever.
You never remembered
What you whispered to  me last night.

Momentary Lapse in Concentration

Thinking aloud is never a good thing
And being alone gets too noisy
You make life complicated
But there I am fretting each time I hear my phone ring.

Walking, wandering, aimless thoughts always on my mind
I want a purpose, a reason to keep walking
Instead of living like I’m always caught off guard
By your messages
Am I just another of your scribbled designs
To be crumpled up and discarded
At your whim
Do you see me laughing now.

Let’s go away, take a holiday, leave all this behind
Explore, conquer
Step onto fresh grass
Screw the daily grind that we share
Computers, smart phones, endless texts
I just want to have a blank canvas
To laugh and sing
Be silly
No boundaries
How do we get that elusive thing
Into our lives now
Rather than me feeling like an outcast.

Let the beat drop and feel the music
If you give in to this
I can promise you bliss forever and a day
Just say it
Or whisper it
I want to hear you say yes.

Our Tomorrow Will Never End

Ebb and flow
As memories now mix
With future dreams.
Nerves jangle inside
Until I see you
Find your eyes with mine
Then time stands still.

You are
Everything that I want
Happiness rediscovered
Embers stoked
Most delicately
As our new journey
Begins at this moment.

No hesitation
As “yes” reverberates
Throughout the halls
A celebration
Of this union
Which has transformed
Our lives
Our being.

This requited Love
Is without boundaries
Gliding on the dance floor
Touching your face
Tasting your lips
Knowing inside
These feelings
Fostered together
This day
Will last
And ever.


A Fleeting Moment

My shallow breaths
Wishing for more.

The moon peeks through
My nakedness
Trivial now
When it wasn’t so
Shouting and yelling
Our laughter
Our Love
Overcame them all.

That moment I knew
We would be together

A gentle cough
That taste of blood on my lips
Oh I how I love you.

Fingers dig deeper, feeling the ground beneath me
The moon steps aside
Darkness beckons
Slowly but with a purpose
Enveloping my body.

I try to call you
To feel you
Loving me
To hear you

I reach out
As you float
Before me
Even though my fate
Is sealed
I hear that metallic sound
Feel that cold steel on my neck.

July 4th fireworks
Explode all around
I see you smile
As I slip
Into eternity
Finally delivered home from a foreign land
Where war resides
For future generations.